About Us

Billscrub was created by consumers for consumers who are tired of watching our bills rise every year with no end in sight. Year over year industries ranging from cable to satellite radio are continuously raising our monthly bills while our salaries stay the same. We have created a service that fight against corporations and their yearly and sometimes monthly rate hikes.

Year after year cable providers are increasing their rates and subscribers like you have no choice but to pay for it, if you want continue enjoying your favorite shows, box office movies and sporting events.  Now there is a choice.  Billscrub is dedicated to fight for you and your savings.

Ever call to ask about your bill and get the same response "There's nothing we can do, that is our best rate".  Our Billscrubbers have the experience and the expertise in negotiating with your cable provider to reduce your monthly rate.  We have knowledge of promotions unavailable to everyday subscribers and how to bypass the roadblocks.

Most importantly we have the time.  The cable provider automated answering system is designed to dissuade you from calling in.  The average call can be anywhere from 15-30 and it always ends with "I'm sorry but that is the best that we can offer".

Billscrub has the formula to get your bill reduced.  We have a 90% bill reduction success rate and the beauty of it is that if you don't save anything we don't charge you anything.  Just upload your bill and let us go to work for you.

Billscrub Toll Free Number: 866-213-6720

Billscrub Mailing Address
15 S 1st Avenue
Mount Vernon NY
10550 P.O. Box 2429