How it works

Saving on your bill is as easy as

  1. Upload a copy of your bill by one of these methods:
    • Scan your bill and upload it.
    • Save your bill from your providers website and upload it.
    • Take a picture of your bill and upload it with your mobile phone.
  2. We contact your provider on your behalf and our expert negotiators reduce your monthly rate which is 90% successful.
    If we don't save you anything, we don't charge you anything.
  3.  We split the savings 40/60.  An invoice is sent to you with payment options.

Please allow 1-2 billing cycles for savings to take effect.
Please contact us at or call 866-213-6720 for additional information.

These are some of the providers we negotiate with:
  • Verizon
  • Spectrum
  • Optimum
  • Comcast
  • RCN
  • Direct TV
  • Dish Network